Smartphones; Pediatric heart conditions; Home telehealth systems; Telehealth project; Aircel Apollo; Allscripts; Continua certified mobile phone

Handicapping the smartphones (US)
(It’s a three horse race in the States)

Another Friday, another doctor smartphone forecast
(This time it’s EPG Health Media)

Telemedicine improves diagnosis of pediatric heart conditions: study
(A solid study over 11 years)

Taxonomy of usability requirements for home telehealth systems
(May be interesting – or not. I didn’t pay to read it)

Telehealth project report shows savings. Kent (UK)
(Results launched 3 years after end of project)

Aircel Apollo Mobile HealthCare (India)
(Industry news)

Review of 2nd Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit, London
(Conference writeup from 3G Doctor)

Pinhead-sized gyroscope for smartphones and medical devices
(Pointer to the future)

Forty Spanish pensioners get free GPS mobiles
(Interesting gesture)

Continua releases 2010 design guidelines, adds new member Microsoft
(Industry news)

Webcam-based health monitoring mirror
(Pointer to the future)

Allscripts releases mobile EHR system for home care
(Encouraging nurses and aides to document in-home)

‘Accountable care’ a way forward for eHealth?
(Wasn’t this what PCTs were supposed to do in the UK?)

Telehealth may help treatment of depressed older people
(Cautious conclusions for a positive development)

Health 2.0 Challenge connects
(Previewing the Developer Challenge awards)

Lansley announces £70m to help people in their homes (UK)
(iSOFT advertorial press release)

First Continua certified mobile phone to be unveiled
(Still waiting for the pics)