Smarter mobile phones; Qtel; Polish telecare company; Cardiocom; mHealth Initiative; Phrazer; Continua Alliance

Telecare Soapbox: Northern Ireland. We announce the winner
and losers
(At last…?)

Older generation demands smarter mobile phones
(And why you can’t phone them)

Qtel to launch mHealth services (Qatar)
(Industry news)

Failings in alarm response ‘inexcusable’ (NZ)
(Lessons learned)

WSD “shows promising results”
(Of course it does)

Polish telecare company seeks contacts
(Can you help?)

Once again into the breach… (US)
(More personal health data losses)

Cardiocom ‘demo’ on local TV
(What you can do in local markets)

Your Friday forecast: ‘telemedicine’ at $23 billion in 2015

mHealth Initiative agenda: FDA fears, expectations and hopes
(Conference news)

Phrazer handheld communicator
(Not telehealth, but…)

Continua Alliance in dire financial straits?
(Steve feels sorry for them)

Wi-Fi Alliance and Continua agreement
(Continua news)

GSMA Mobile World Congress: mHealth etc.
(Two views)

GP leader scorns ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
recommendation (UK)
(GP resistance to telehealth monitoring)