SeNCit; Telecare; Video Consulting; mental health telehealth; CTIA E-Tech Awards; WLSA; Cost effective telehealth services

SeNCit set to disrupt the telecare device market?
(Interesting new product – you read it here first)

A random walk down Telecare Lane…
(5 items in 1)

Lessons from Richard Pope, Video Consulting Diabetes Consultant
(What did the patient’s wife say?)

US army uses 80-foot container for mental health telehealth booths
(I suspect it’s not as makeshift as it sounds)

Removing the barriers to telehealth–a policy view (US)
(New report)

CTIA E-Tech Awards finalists announced
(Winners due 23 March)

WLSA ramps up partner development
(Paul Sonnier news)

Buying cost effective telehealth services in Northern Ireland
(Major contribution to the telehealth evidence base)