Robosoft Kompaï; Car as mHealth; Lifecomm MPERS; Waldo Health and ECG; Technologies for Health; Qualcomm; GPS tracking

Robosoft’s Kompaï care robot…the future of telecare?
(Steve’s special report)

Your car as mHealth platform
(Could be controversial)

Silvers Summit 2012 @ CES–call for speakers
(Conference news)

Lifecomm MPERS appoints president
(Industry news plus product info)

ATA followup: Waldo Health and ECG tracking
(Product news)

Technologies for Health: $50 million five-year grant
(Closing date is 6 June)

Qualcomm keynoting at mHealth Summit
(Conference news)

NHS EHR “The largest civilian IT project in the world has failed.”
(Taxpayers’ money down the drain news)

GPS tracking with autistic children (US)
(Video report)