Remote control; Isansys Lifecare; GSMA Mobile World Congress; Developing Telemedicine; smart pills

Remote control: The patient-practitioner relationship in a digital age
(Free report from the NHS Confederation)

Isansys Lifecare: Newcomer to the market (UK)
(Industry news)

GSMA Mobile World Congress 2011 (Barcelona)
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Telehealth in service context
(The importance of…)

Developing Telemedicine: Benefits for rural people (Sri Lanka)
(Interview with Dr Rohana Puspakumara)

Content provider buys app developer=man bites dog?
(Publisher pampers programing pooch?)

A smart ‘smart pills‘ roundup
(LA Times avoids usual cliches)

Plug-and-play telehealth + touchscreen interactive Q&A
(Another new company and another new system)