Post-CES buzz and other telehealth stories

A massive 20 items posted since Tuesday’s alert. There’s been quite a buzz since CES in Las Vegas.

MedApps and Meridian Health partner for CHF pilot
(Potentially significant pilot)

Telehealth for children in Texas
(Extending current service)

UK telecare policy grip slip
(Has DH lost its telecare policy focus?)

Heart rate monitoring sports bra video
(The future arrives for once)

An ethnographic exploration of telecare
(Thought piece)

Halton & St Helens PCT deploys telehealth for patients
(And a warning for companies – see comment)

Telecare Soapbox: Keeping the care going in adverse weather
(Hero managers too?)

Smart Home Technology for Disabled People
(Extending telecare)

Telecare debut at CES–CloseBy Network
(New product)

More CES analysis (contrarian variety)
(Stirring it up)

Grant funding in California for remote monitoring
(Opportunity for smaller companies)

Smartbooks, tablets, slates–what’s the difference? And iSlate=iHospital?
(Unbewilder yourself)

Denmark as model for ‘digital care’
(And why it wouldn’t work in the US)

Vodafone Americas competition for mHealth technology
(Closing date 1 Feb)

Do social media improve health care?
(Plea for more evidence)

PERS call center nightmare
(Failure of appropriate response to pendant call)

Consortium forming for US-based independent aging/wellness tech companies
(A development from the Digital Health/Silvers Summit conference)

Proteus Biomedical gains $24 million investment from Novartis
(Industry news)

Ideal Life CHF pilot with Anthem BCBS
(Weight scale pilot)

CES/Silvers Summit/Digital Health roundup
(The significant announcements)