Popsi Cube; Telecare LIN; 3 Million Lives; Proteus Biomedical; Cornwall telehealth; Pew Internet; Robotic telemedicine; Ford’s car that cares; NNY £3.2m telehealth project

Roundup of good and bad telecare and telehealth news items
(8 items in 1)

New telehealth product: Popsi Cube (US)
(Interesting name)

FLORA for wearable devices?
(Interesting development)

Telecare LIN January 2012 newsletter published (UK)
(New format)

3 Million Lives website launched (UK)
(One to keep an eye on)

Readers’ help wanted
(Can you? Please?)

Proteus Biomedical to introduce smartpill into UK in September
(Thumbs up for the Lloydspharmacy chain)

Cornwall: 30,000 people to use telehealth
(Aiming high for mainstreaming)

A light at the end of the reimbursement tunnel for telehealth–or something else? (US)
(Hope for US telehealth adoption?)

Tracking online health and social networking: Pew Internet study
(With updated online health information usage tips)

A different take on an eHealth ‘top 10’
(From a clinical perspective)

Study on barriers to robotic telemedicine
(Useful study if that’s what you are trying to introduce)

‘iAwards for Wireless Health’ applications open
(Call for nominations)

Ford’s ‘car that cares’ visits CES, Syncs up Healthrageously
(Get into Ford’s mobile telehealth monitor)

WSJ’s ‘Doctor in Pocket…’ overeggs the pudding
(Editor Donna’s gimlet-eyed take)

NNY £3.2m telehealth project – negative evaluation hits local headlines
(Updated last night with 6 interesting links)