NHS Direct; Free telecare trials; Intel buys Infineon; eHealth

NHS Direct denies demise (UK)
(But doesn’t answer the questions about the BSFA)

Invicta first to achieve European Standard in alarm monitoring (UK)

Gateshead Council offers free telecare trials (UK)
(So it looks like its neighbours’ offer was successful)

Intel buys Infineon Wireless Radio Chip Unit
(mHealth implications?)

The realities of telecare
(In Stockton on Tees, UK)

Japan’s centenarians falling through the cracks
(And not a robot in sight)

eHealth solved: you just need the right multiplier
(Bullish eHealth predictions explained)

Everything you wanted to know about telehealth…
(UK Toolkit: Reader reviews welcome)

Another success for Tunstall
(“A small step for man”)

Now text messaging for…emergency room wait times
(The healthcare marketing trend for 2010??)