mHealth; Bosch Healthcare; IBM, American Well; Mobisante’s portable ultrasound; OptumHealth/American Well

11 items posted since Tuesday’s alert:

Study on health data breaches: $6 billion/year
(Our own WikiLeaks?)

Tablet wars: EHRs and practice management
(Staking out the next frontier)

Why mHealth should matter to pharma companies
(Another expensive research report)

Bosch Healthcare in US: a change at the top
(Derek Newell, ex-Health Buddy, to pursue other opportunities)

EHRs a ‘key connection’ for telehealth device use.
(Practice Fusion inviting telehealth companies to connect)

IBM, American Well expand data security
(Timely move)

US Army testing EMR mobile apps; ‘military grade’ rugged tablet
(Army more receptive to telehealth than general population?)

Mobisante’s portable ultrasound profiled
(Has appealing price tag too)

FCC proposes new rules to aid wireless health research (US)
(Significant development for everyone developing devices)

Detroit hospitals adopt ER smartphone locator apps
(Detroit drives forward)

OptumHealth/American Well NowClinic telemedicine in MN
(What took so long? And where’s Texas?)