Many new telehealth, telecare and mHealth stories

26 items since Tuesday. We are not trying to bombard you – it’s just that interesting stories are still

coming thick and fast…

Vitality GlowCaps’ busy year in video
(Watch it – you will want to invest)

Center for Technology and Aging remote monitoring report
(Good overview of recent research)

Corventis’ Nuvant cardiac monitor cleared for US marketing
(Including the PiiX peel-and-stick sensor)

US Haiti earthquake survivor aided by iPhone medical app
(Dramatic story)

Telecare Soapbox: Thousands of telecare users potentially at risk
(VOIP-related problem. See the comment too)

Video of Telehealth Solutions ‘HomePod’
(See it in action)

Aerotel and EcoTec launch new personal telecare service in Finland
(Using the GeoSKeeper)

Introducing FRED – part 2
(See below)

HomeCall buys into £1m Tunstall equipment upgrade
(Increasing their capacity)

mHealth for all? Not quite yet…
(And the Center for Connected Health’s annual report)

Another 2010 forecast
(PwC squeezes the juice)

California telemedicine pilot with Cisco HealthPresence
(Cisco HealthPresence still in ‘let’s have a pilot’ mode)

Telemedicine and mobile IT mobilized for Haiti relief
(But can it get in?)

Blackpool telehealth pilot: 75% reduction in hospital admissions
(Tunstall good news story)

US Dept. of Defense focusing on mHealth
(Hippocrates meets the Peruvian Government)

…and a backpack sized brain scanner
(WOW of the day – week or month, even)

More on microchips and pills
(Why medication compliance is now hot)

Healthcare is a mobile profession
(Obvious, really, but…)

Introducing FRED
(Bring the internet and playful design to the NHS)

Nintendo Wii Balance Board could prevent falls (Australian report)
(Cheaper than professional diagnostic tests)

Police recommend halting GPS safety project for women (Canada)
(Giving a false sense of security?)

Medical first as patient treated remotely
(Stroke management in Ireland)

Ultra-capacitors. An end to rechargeable batteries?
(Implications for telecare and telehealth devices)

Techies band together to assist Haiti relief
(Admiration, horror and frustration)

Updated: Accessing ICE-T and EU millions (UK)
(Changed venue and programme)

Evaluation of Partnerships for Older People Projects: final report
(But where’s the telecare?)