Hospital records; ACOs and Medicare; Breeze@home; iRx Reminder; Healthcare kiosk; Invicta and Guinness

Hospital records: paper to electronic access in less than two years (Canada)
(Institutional turnaround)

More on ACOs and Medicare (US)
(Important – for readers in the States)

Breeze@home to monitor lung conditions
(Product development)

Incubating healthcare IT startups
(Source of funding?)

Readers’ requests
(Can you help?)

mHealth app developer iRx Reminder looks for foothold in research market
(Market strategy)

Old age, dementia and euthanasia
(Three items in one)

Weekend reading: Technology as an enabler
(Long think piece)

Do we lose or gain in mobile medicine?
(Current public perception of mhealth)

Dishman’s long riff on proposed ACO rules (US)
(See also ACO item above)

Go to the supermarket, visit the healthcare kiosk?
(Read the comments, too)

Retail health clinics impeded in NY, other states (US)
(Clinics in drugstores run into problems)

TANN: Portugal goes live
(Can you help?)

Invicta and Guinness Partnership contract (UK)
(Market development)

How mHealth business models could work
(Another take on the issue)

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