Health Net Connect; BRAID; NHS Bristol; FDA draft guidance; Cisco layoffs; iRobot and InTouch; mHealth acquisitions

Health Net Connect launches VideoDoc service
(Is it significant?)

New telehealth service in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
(New telehealth roll-out)

BRAID Project: Active Ageing Scenarios (EU)
(May be useful)

NHS Bristol uses phones for telehealth (UK)
(New telehealth roll-out)

Recognized Continua Certification Experts
(May be useful. Or become one)

Two useful smartphone healthcare apps, and free report
(From TANN: Canada and research2guidance)

Analysis of FDA draft guidance on mobile medical apps
(Must-read 1)

Neil Versel’s take on ‘Silicon Valley know-it-alls’
(Must-read 2)

Cisco layoffs affecting their telehealth initiatives?
(Readers’ info requested)

Your weekend robot fix: iRobot and InTouch Health go ‘joint’
(Can they complement each other?)

2011 mHealth acquisitions thick and fast
(Handy list)

Boston Connected Health Symposium networking event
(Event news)