GP commissioners; Pacific telehealth; Robot RP-7; Telehealth; Kiosks and tablets; Obama videoconferencing; Toumaz

Will GP commissioners embrace telehealth? (UK)
(Will they? Won’t they? Will they? Won’t they?)

Brighter days in eHealth financing? It depends…
(Donna takes a long view)

Alaska, Hawaii join for Pacific telehealth
(Establishing a telehealth resource center)

Your Friday robot special: RP-7 in rural Oregon
(You may want to watch the video)

Your Friday digital health forecast: $5.7 billion in 2015
(What better way to spend $3,200?)

Personalized medicine and HIT
(Data still dropping from the blue sky)

Telehealth: more freedom for doctors and patients?
(Telemedicine item)

Automating patient check-in: kiosk or tablet?
(Another tech ‘war’ to keep an eye on?)

Rural and Remote Telehealth Conference (Aus)
(Conference news)

Obama promotes patient-doctor videoconferencing
(See the comment too)

Toumaz launches something that’s possibly interesting
(Contender for the ‘Incomprehensible Press Release of the Month Award’)