GE Healthcare and Intel extend Health Guide to UK

If you have already read ‘Healthcare highlights at International CES’ and ‘GE Healthcare and Intel extend Health Guide to UK’, there has been additional material posted overnight.

13 items since Monday’s alert email:

Video interview with James Ferguson, Scottish Centre for Telehealth
(Telehealth in Scotland)

Healthcare highlights at International CES
(Still managing to report from a distance)

Continua & WLSA Mobile Healthcare Symposium 2010
(Open event in San Diego next month)

CellTrak home care software expanding in Canada
(Client-specific care plans to aides and nurses)

New iPhone software for critical care video, vital signs monitoring
(Demonstrated by Craig Barrett of Intel at his CES keynote)

mHealth application clusters
(Trying to introduce some order into the chaos)

Accessing ICE-T and EU millions (UK)
(Funding for UK for telecare SMEs)

Free buddi offer (UK)
(Offer closes 29 January 2010)

Mobile phone medication reminder (US)
(Only $3.99 per month)

Just Checking your wash?
(Should get the Timex award – see comment)

GE Healthcare and Intel extend Health Guide to UK
(If you have only read the press release on other sites, read this)

2010 breakthrough for wireless healthcare monitoring?

Motorola sells wireless patent portfolio to LifeSync
(Are patent wars about to break out?)