Facebook; Doro; Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring; Telehealthcare; Single European patent; implantable heart sensor; Birmingham OwnHealth

Telecare Aware is recruiting
(Volunteers, that is)

Life-saving diagnosis via Facebook
(A friend in deed)

Doro global strategic partnerships with MyGlucoHealth
and Medixine
(Phone manufacturer digs into mHealth)

Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring Conference (US)
(Baltimore conference news)

BMJ Clinical Review: Telehealthcare for long term conditions
(New academic paper)

Telecare and council cuts (UK)
(Taking the temperature of the UK)

Home Is Where the Heart Monitor Is
(General telehealth item)

Single European patent almost a reality
(Welcome development)

‘First responder’ high-speed wireless network: $10.7 billion
(Are we heartened? No!)

Lancet study: implantable heart sensor reduces heart failure
related hospitalizations by 39%
(Measuring pulmonary artery pressure)

Nanosheets and graphene: powering sensors, computers
(Pointers to the future)

Birmingham OwnHealth shows its worth (UK)
(One of the better items lately)