eHealth Telehealth Telecare investment needed

Please read the investment fund item if nothing else from the 11 posted since Tuesday!

Seminar report: Telehealth, telecare and new technologies in UK healthcare
(How not to organise an event)

Council and PCT collaborate on telecare deal
(Common sense approach from West Sussex)

The coming technology innovation drought
(But Intel and others doing something about it)

mHealth: sorting the hype from the here-and-now
(Biting blog item)

Bosch Health Buddy deployed at Montefiore Medical Center
(Large-scale trial)

FDA considers regulation of ‘safety risks’ of health IT
(EMR issues explored by HuffPo)

Generating device power from body movements
(Pointer to the future)

DH consults on COPD strategy (UK)
(What role is it proposing for telehealth?)

Time for a telecare/telehealth investment fund?
(Would YOU invest?)

Interview with AirStrip Technologies’ president
(FDA approval is tough)

Six differences between eHealth and mHealth
(The debate goes on)