eHealth; Online learning; mHealth; Telehealth saves life; buddi TV advert

Nearly one in five UK citizens ‘to survive beyond 100’
(Pointer to the future)

EC and US sign ehealth deal
(On Electronic Health Records)

Study of user-led online learning for mental health professionals
(Participants wanted)

MHealth: Mobile technology brings healthcare home
(BBC report)

Telehealth saves a life in Northern Ireland’s water crisis
(Topical good news story)

Patient monitoring market at $3.4 billion by 2016
(Another Friday, another expensive report)

What mHealth will the FDA regulate? (US)
(Pointer to the future from the mHealth Regulatory Coalition)

Workplace healthcare–telehealth opportunity?
(An opportunity still being missed?)

Rounding up…
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buddi: UK national TV telecare campaign
(View it and read the comments)