ECCH Northern Ireland; Motorola; Home care; eHealth; Dell Streak tablet; Ofcom

Q: What’s the difference between an African Elephant and ECCH?
(Northern Ireland’s fiasco -again)

Digital Wellbeing Conference (UK)
(Update – next week reminder)

Now a $2,000 ‘EDA’ for hospitals from Motorola
(Pricey entry into the hospital data race)

Technologies key in preventing unplanned hospital readmissions: report
(More for the evidence-base)

Home care: reasons why *not* to adopt telehealth (US)
(Refreshingly frank – and disappointing)

PwC study finds physicians going mobile
(Some reasons to be cheerful…)

Top eHealth for older adults picked
(List of ‘nana’ technologies)

Neurotechnology to stimulate brain function
(Complements the ‘to words to speech’ item last week)

Tablet Wars Round #3: Dell positioning Streak tablet for healthcare
(Android tablet already in 350 US hospitals)

Zargis remote stethoscopes testing in Ontario (Canada)
(Zargis continues its roll)

DH personal health budgets Learning Network: new site (UK)

Ofcom report: Next Generation Services for Older and Disabled People
(Find out if it’s worth reading)