Diversinet, AllOne; mHealth; HealthVault; Dr Love; Smart meter telecare

Diversinet, AllOne settle for $4 million (US)
(Mysterious split)

mHealth: at the top of the ‘hype cycle’?
(Jon Linkous – ATA – stirs it up)

Wireless med reminder test improves compliance by 27%
(Raising the question, how high-tech does it have to be?)

Top 10 trends in mobile medical technology
(Roundup item)

Microsoft HealthVault reaches Canada and the UK
(2 out of 10 for the launch execution)

Dr Love: oxytocin explains growth of social networking and Health 2.0
(Why online networking may be here to stay and grow in importance)

Mobile phones to deliver simple, cheap eye tests
(Outstanding development)

Smart meter telecare project (Scotland)
(Yet to show its full potential)

Final report of study On ‘Business Models For eHealth’ (EU)
(How to creating value and sustainability)

Preston, UK, good local telehealth monitoring story
(GE/Intel plays it nicely in first UK project)

The predictability (?) of human activity patterns
(Free lecture. Yesterday)