Diagnostic sensors for telehealth and telemedicine

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Haiti and telemedicine
(Latest developments)

Norwegian diabetes mHealth application
(Self monitoring system)

A diagnostic sensor for orthopedic post-surgery
(New product smart skin patch)

Telemedicine at work
(‘Work’ as in ‘workplace’)

‘Tattletale pills and bottles’
(Useful roundup from CNN)

Avoiding FDA mHealth regulation–not easy
(Must-read if confused on US compliance matters)

Epocrates differs with iPad naysayers
(But then they would, wouldn’t they?)

Turn any surface into a multi-touch display
(Fascinating pointer to the future)

Is the medical device market recession-proof?
(Five views)

Hampshire’s virtual ward (UK)
(Another step in the right direction)

Healthcare wants a tablet, but not Appleā€™s iPad: survey
(“What healthcare wants, the iPad doesn’t have”)

Telehealthcare brand spotting
(New game: brand spotting…)

Tunstall’s press release blog
(All the press releases you need)

Telemedicine’s captive audiences
(Guess where they are?)

Breakthrough in online psychotherapy?
(Connecting people with professionals online)

‘Opening the black box’
(First find your black box…)

Medical image study: handheld screens as good as standard PC monitors
(A positive for mobile radiology)

First-ever handheld ultrasound units at Winter Olympics
(To be supplied by GE from a Mobile Medical Unit)

Collecting patient information in Haiti via iPhones
(creating patient medical records on iPhones)