CUHTec T-cycle; Airedale NHS; RoboSoft; Simpla Phone; NHS Direct

CUHTec T-cycle Service (UK)
(‘cycle’ as in ‘recycle’, not ‘bicycle’)

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and the BSFA
(Press release goes some way to explaining why)

“Aloha, robot, mon chéri!”
(More for the robots in care file)

A patient wish list
(Does it match your wish list?)

Thoughts to speech
(Pointer to far future)

Simpla Phone: New UK product
(Does it meet the T&M test? See comment)

Mobile phones no silver bullet for Africa
(One from the University of the Bleedin’ Obvious?)

US Northwest Region Telestroke Survey results
(Hopeful signs of development)

Three forthcoming sponsorship opportunities
(Telecare/telehealth suppliers please note!)

“We have not announced the closure of NHS Direct” — Lansley
(Lansley takes a robust line)