Cornwall WSD; Telecare charging; COW mitigates effects of stroke; Globaltel Media; MyGlucoHealth; MediPendant

Video interview: Snippets about Cornwall WSD
(Dave Tyas on progress so far)

Stoke-on-Trent telecare charging decision (UK)
(To charge or not to charge)

COW mitigates effects of stroke in Eastern England
(And gets an E-Health Insider award)

More from MHE: Globaltel Media
(SMS chat platform)

Connected Healthcare: Wellness and Emerging Technology (NYC)
(Event news)

Your Friday (Halloween) robotics fix
(With a calisthenics robot)

MyGlucoHealth Wireless meter features on popular TV show (US)
(It’s medicine, Jim…)

Are any companies exhibiting anything new at this years’ TSA conference?
(Plus a sponsorship opportunity missed and available)

MediPendant TV advert campaign launches (US)
(Help! I’ve fallen and am speaking into my pendant!)