Connected Health; Veterans Affairs; NHS Direct; Supra UK

Now we are 1000
(TA reader profile)

Connected Health Symposium 2010–early bird extended
(Conference news)

US House Veterans Affairs subcommittee hearing on wireless health
(A promise fulfilled)

Cisco enters the tablet wars
(Tablet of the non-medical variety, that is)

Dr Topol will ‘e’ you now
(Will we become ‘e-hypochondriacs’?)

Conference on mobile phones for older people (UK)
(Conference – next Tuesday)

Cardiff Council Community Alarm Service’s SSAIB accreditation (UK)
(Why two are better than one)

NHS Direct‘s new wellness project first of its kind
(Telecoaching in action)

With just two words, telecare services’ responsibilities have changed (UK)
(Supra UK‘s New product news)

How not to introduce technology in senior care communities
(Greed + Ineptitude = Uproar)