BT; Intel Health Guide; Telenor; MobiSecure; Voalté; Cardiocom; WellComm; A&D;

BT’s Intel Health Guide project in Wakefield (UK)
(BT raises its visibility)

Telenor completes project testing medical alert system (Norway)
(Conflating terminology)

89 million use social media for health, 99 million ‘e-empowered’: study
(8,600 results extrapolate to 89,000,000)

The Haiti earthquake and mobile technology–a look back
(The good and the bad)

Diversinet’s MobiSecure in $5 million distribution deal; expands to Canada
(Industry news)

Voalté integrates nurse call alerts on iPhone
(Eliminating connecting nurse call to hospital PBX systems)

Cardiocom awarded by Frost & Sullivan for ‘enabling technology’
(Cardiocom’s second F&S award)

WellComm: a ‘master app’ for connecting wellness apps
(Works with ‘all existing resources’)

Continua and eHealth standards in European SmartHouses
(Good news for Continua)

The council, the charity and the dementia service (UK)
(Win-win all round)

Bonus added to Telecare Aware In Review
(Extra for TAIR subscribers)

Smart phones help elderly and disabled to manage their homes (EU)
(I2HOME project’s simplified Universal Remote Console interface)

A&D: Three new wireless telehealth and wellness devices (or are they?)
(New product news)

BookIT: System for booking medical and other services from home (UK)
(New product in development)

1st Asia Pacific eCare and TeleCare Congress (Hong Kong)
(Conference news)

Mobile Health Summit 2011 (SA)
(Conference news)

GSMA Mobile World Congress (ES)
(Conference news)