Britain and telemedicine; Medical Tourism; Cloud computing; PERS; WellDoc DiabetesManager

Britain lags behind in the telemedicine revolution
(Telemed/telehealth in the public spotlight)

Save as PDF for iPad
(Update to Telecare Aware In Review service)

Telehealth in Medical Tourism
(A more interesting read than it sounds)

Snowed-in response centres (UK)
(Invicta well prepared this time)

Cloud computing gives Taiwanese telehealth an advantage
(Video in English)

After PERS, the MERS (India/Israel)
(Maybe not quite what it sounds like)

What does Antarctica do to your heart rate?
(Research news)

Home-based telehealth can transform global healthcare delivery,
but needs ‘buy in’: RAND Corporation study
(Confirms what we know)

Embedded computing and telehealth: the virtual panel
(Five leaders interviewed)

WellDoc announces DiabetesManager integration with EHR
(But which EHR?)