Avery Dennison & Proteus Biomedical; Care Innovations Health Guide; EHR at the VA; iPhone ECG; Alere Masterclass

Avery Dennison Medical Solutions and Proteus Biomedical new
partnership (US)
(Company news)

Telehealth Defined, Explained and Explored
(F&S wades in)

TANN round-up week ending 11 June 2011
(A quick eye over the local sites)

Care Innovations Health Guide Windows 7 puzzle announcement
(Well, it puzzles your editor)

8 of 10 countries using mHealth, but…
(WHO report)

Pen, paper…EHR at the VA: study
(How clinicians fill the gaps)

Using video chat to stay connected with older relatives
(Skype still too complex?)

Dr D Albert and accidental viral marketing of the iPhone ECG
(Proving that the best viral is accidental viral)

Seminar report: Alere Masterclass 7 June 2011
(Was it a masterclass or a pitchfest?)