Android malware; Choose Independence; Transition Care Program; Philips Lifeline AutoAlert; In-home health monitoring; Vidyo; Tunstall myclinic@home

Beware hospital CIOs, of Android malware explosion
(Adding to the ongoing debate of iPad vs. Android)

Rural healthcare lagging without telemedicine (US)
(Confirming the obvious)

Choose Independence to develop telehealth part of TSA Code of Practice (UK)
(A ‘brave’ decision?)

Did the riots affect telecare service usage? (UK)
(A question for services)

The effect of telehealth and telecare on clients of the Transition Care Program (Australia)

Telecare Soapbox: Philips Lifeline AutoAlert – where’s the evidence?
(Publish or be damned!)

Competency framework published for eHealth clinicians (UK)
(Start made)

Expansion of in-home health monitoring systems (US & UK)
(Good news stories)

Vidyo’s large deal with Ontario Telemedicine Network
(The chimp challenges the gorillas)

Pharmaceutical m-Health
(Conference news)

Hacking the insulin pump, and beyond
(No one will bother – will they?)

Innovating for today’s older adult
(To kickstart your thinking)

‘Silicon Valley know-it-alls’ discussion continues
(Reading for [last] weekend)

Wrist-worn device may detect cardiac arrest
(Pointer to the future)

Tunstall myclinic@home kit launched in Australia
(Industry news)