Continua Alliance; Connected health; Skype; Android@Home; Whzan; Jitterbug 5star PERS; WSDAN Conference

Continua Alliance releases design guidelines to public
(But confusion reigns)

Connected health and ‘crossing the digital divide’
(Good sms news)

Tracking, social networking rising for health information
(Facebook as a source of health info???)

‘Aging in the Connected Home’ research
(Waking up to the need to research needs before tech)

Skype a bad buy for Microsoft?
(ZDNet two page item and lots of comments)

Lights, theatre…Android@Home
(Google unveils a home controls framework…get developing)

Webinar: Mobile Communications for Medical Care (China)
(Presenting recent research results)

Whzan gets into telecare and telehealth (UK)
(New entrant to UK market)

Jitterbug launches 5star PERS (US)
(Will customers with home-based PERS switch?)

WSDAN Conference – Mainstreaming Telehealth and Telecare (UK)
(Free event news)

Telecare and Telehealth Marketplace; Mobile Health 2011; SleepTrak; mHealth Regulatory Coalition; Older People

Tuesday’s short takes
(Round up of various items)

South of England Telecare and Telehealth Marketplace
(UK event news)

Mobile Health 2011 – roundup
(Conference report)

SleepTrak monitoring sleep disorders (US)
(New product)

Got funding? Capital Connection ’11 (US)
(Too late to apply, but…)

mHealth Regulatory Coalition draft document posted
(Important in relation to FDA)

Festival of ICT and Older People (UK conference pre-event)
(Conference news)

ATA 2011; BIOTRONIK; iMetrikus/Numera; Text4Baby; Alzheimer’s telecare project; Microsoft tags for mHealth

ATA 2011: conference reporting **Final 6 May**
(To bring you right up to date, incl. Intel news)

New Zealand technologies facilitate care of elderly and chronically ill at home

Wireless remote monitoring pacemakers: FDA approval of BIOTRONIK’s latest devices (US)
(Industry news)

OK to Taser man having epileptic fit (UK)
(Twice. And to stand on his legs)

iMetrikus changes name to Numera (US/UK)
(Industry news)

TSA job offer (UK)
(Phone Trevor)

Survey: Text messaging preferred for health alerts (US)
(More interesting than it sounds)

Text4Baby goes to Russia
(International news)

Alzheimer’s telecare project interim evaluation results (video)
(Old-ish but video just released)

Demise of Intel’s Health Guide
(Yes – read it here first)

Microsoft tags for mHealth?
(Smartphone and app needed to read this one)

EU support for market breakthrough
(AALOA and AALA news)

ATA 2011 Conference Reports

Although we couldn’t get sponsorship for Editor Donna to report live from the ATA 2011 conference, she is doing a stalwart job of picking up and pulling together the snippets other people are putting online – 16 so far, and there are more to come.

William and Kate; Tunstall; AT&T; Homo evolutis; Continua; Waldo Health; Verizon and Healthsense

Wills and Kate telecare shocker!
(You thought we’d be a Royal Wedding-free zone? Sorry!)

Tunstall CEO backs Lansley’s NHS plans
(Unlike the vast majority, including health professionals)

AT&T unveils suitcase-sized cell sites for emergencies
(New product)

Meet the Buyers 2011 (UK)
(Event news)

Body boundaries and the rise of Homo evolutis
(Pointer to the future)

Smart Personal Health project final report (EU)
(Quaintly circular Continua item)

ATA: remove Medicare telemedicine/telehealth restrictions
(Pre-conference build up)

Waldo Health gains 510(k) approval
(Industry/market news)

Verizon and Healthsense agreement for senior communities (US)
(Industry/market news)

ACOs creating more problems than solved? (US)
(An even dimmer view of ACOs than before)

Telehealth satisfaction; Personal-safety GPS device; ATA Annual Awards; mHealth; Aerotel; West Wireless Health Institute

The good(ish) and the reason why
(Why we keep plodding on, that is)

NYY incredible telehealth satisfaction survey results (UK)

Personal-safety GPS device security risk
(Leading US device hacked)

ATA Annual Awards recognize telehealth leaders and innovators (US)
(Conference news)

Seafarers to get better mHealth
(Niche market news)

Electronic alert system to prevent venous thromboembolism in
hospitalized patients (Spain)
(Key info missing)

mHealth features heavily in Sunday supplement (UK)
(Getting into mainstream media)

Can the NHS save through innovation?
(Window on the state of the NHS)

Aerotel: New cash, new supporter
(Industry news)

Why boomers lag in smartphone adoption
(45 years+ in the US not getting smartphones at expected rate)

West Wireless Health Institute’s ‘evolution’
(Becoming more policy-oriented)

Excessive EHR alerts counterproductive: study (US)
(Accuracy of alerts and lack of response to them)

mHealth; iPhone tracking; Telehealth appointment reminders; Connected Patient; American Well

TANN site updates
(Can you use them more?)

mHealth at peak, exaggerations avalanche
(Getting ready to jump out of the way)

Doctors and patients jumping on mHealth and changing healthcare as we know it?
(Getting ready to jump into the way)

‘Going mobile’: the promise and the confusion
(Also with iPhone tracking update)

Denver Health, Microsoft develop diabetes text program
(Blood glucose measurements and appointment reminders)

Report: ‘The Connected Patient
(Holiday catchup reading)

American Well goes direct to physicians
(Physicians initiate ‘concierge medicine’)

Your new computer mouse may be your brain
(Pointer to the future)

ATA conference; English telehealth; Brain wave-controlled games; Personal health and fitness; FDA MDDS regulations

Walking the ethical line
(Do these examples overstep it?)

ATA conference report sponsorship opportunity
(Help us serve you better)

Scot’s advice to English telehealth
(It’s not a difficult concept…)

1 in 4 people aged under 16 will now live to 100+ (UK)
(Has implications for public policy)

If apps could read your mind…
(Brain wave-controlled games)

…they might tell you…connect me please!
(Personal health and fitness devices underused)

Update: FDA MDDS regulations effective today (US)
(Significant issues for suppliers)

Facebook; Kaiser Permanente; e-Patient Dave; Veterans Administration; Vodafone/mHealth Alliance awards

Facebooking care coordination?
(Can FB take over healthcare like it is doing the internet?)

Kaiser goes to Washington, struts its stuff
(No small players here)

Give us our damn data!
(Patient empowerment Video)

Cardiovascular disease can be detected earlier during sleep (Sweden)
(Research moving towards remote monitoring)

VA awards $1.38 billion in six contracts for telehealth (US)
(Veterans Administration latest moves)

Vodafone/mHealth Alliance awards
(Who got what)

NHS telehealth; Dead and undiscovered; Edison Awards; VA six contracts; Persuasive Tech Lab

Funding shortage to slow NHS roll-out of telehealth
(So don’t get your hopes up)

Getting smart, slowly (Australia)
(Project results)

EU BRAID programme – people dead and undiscovered in Portugal
(Not what you expect in southern Europe)

Information sharing, telehealth technologies rated top
in innovation potential
(International survey results)

Edison Awards to American Well, MedApps, ZPass
(For innovative new products and services)

VA awards six contracts for telehealth (US)
(Significant market development)

‘Next-gen’ patient apps envisioned at UCSF (US)
(What if one size does not fit all?)

Evolving Issues with Home Use Devices (US)
(Seminar news)

7 eldercare Twitter feeds (US)
(Useful resources)

Persuasive Tech Lab Health Behavior Award nominations sought
(Line your mhealth app up for one)

Ireland as an ‘international healthcare services centre’?
(New business venture)