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EarlySense hospital bed sensors piloting in Massachusetts (New product news) iPads are welcome distraction during surgery (UK) (Choose your entertainment along with your surgeon) Health New England adds member app (For faster access) Once again into the (data) breach: ‘September Song’ edition (225,000 people affected in recent months) Revised Lifecomm MPERS white paper (Thanks to […]

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Doro buys tiny French telecare company for €1.29 million (!!!!) Socialism: Relax, it could be coming to your living room (US) (Should rattle a few cages) Pop-up ‘MedCottage‘ enables care at home (US) (New product news) Continua Health Alliance Releases 2011 Design Guidelines (Industry news) Invicta Telecare’s 25 years – and some statistics (UK) (Industry […]

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Health Net Connect launches VideoDoc service (Is it significant?) New telehealth service in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) (New telehealth roll-out) BRAID Project: Active Ageing Scenarios (EU) (May be useful) NHS Bristol uses phones for telehealth (UK) (New telehealth roll-out) Recognized Continua Certification Experts (May be useful. Or become one) Two useful smartphone healthcare apps, and free report […]

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Mobile Health Expo East reminder (A deadline and a discount) Blue Highway gets closer to WellAWARE (Industry news) Friday’s forecast and research picks (More ways to spend your company’s money) The UK’s two approaches to telecare (North / south divide?) Honeywell Telehealth User Group Workshop invitation (UK) (London, next week, if you can make it) […]

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Facebooking care coordination? (Can FB take over healthcare like it is doing the internet?) Kaiser goes to Washington, struts its stuff (No small players here) “Give us our damn data!” (Patient empowerment Video) Cardiovascular disease can be detected earlier during sleep (Sweden) (Research moving towards remote monitoring) VA awards $1.38 billion in six contracts for […]

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AT&T/T-Mobile–the impact on mobile health? (If the acquisition goes through) Humana Cares ‘big pilots’ Intel Health Guide (US) (For CHF patients) Blood analysis in minutes, via chip (New development news) GE V Scan handheld ultrasound: review (Virtues, despite initial skepticism) inPulse: Putting your smartphone on your wrist (Most exciting video this year for smartphone geeks) […]

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LivingWell@Home: eHealth’s pointer to the future? (First significant US study to combine telecare and telehealth) Mobile Health Expo–early birds need to hurry! (Discount ends today) Care at home with telecare v care home care without (Scotland) (Two contrasting stories from the same source) Generation gap alive and well and living in a business near you […]

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SeNCit set to disrupt the telecare device market? (Interesting new product – you read it here first) A random walk down Telecare Lane… (5 items in 1) Lessons from Richard Pope, Video Consulting Diabetes Consultant (What did the patient’s wife say?) US army uses 80-foot container for mental health telehealth booths (I suspect it’s not […]

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Despite growth, is telehealth on track? (Or is it all mush?) Carefx purchased by Harris for $155 million (Industry news) Innovation in Revolutionary (Crisis-Driven) Environments (Iron fist in a soft glove) Scotland continues to embed telecare into services and media consciousness (The ordinariness is palpable) Let’s have connected healthcare to avoid icky stuff (Cisco blog […]

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VA contracts for healthcare innovations in EHRs and mobile (Latest VA Innovation Initiative) Videophone support for family caregivers of dementia patients (US) (ACITSFCDP: What kind of acronym is that?) NaviNet extends into mobile care management (Think Amazon) ‘Reform’ medical device tax–Senate moves repeal (US) (Has implications for telehealth and telecare) Why are medical alerts so […]